Hello, I’m Aizzat.

Welcome to my little place on the internet. I’m Freelance Front-End Developer from Malaysia.

Here’s a little story of how I got started.

Dreamcatcher Hackathon
That’s me presenting in Hackathon

I have started this business around three years. I start to learn code when I was 19. I’m doing business in selling VPN in my college. To register as an agent, I need to pay around RM700 to get a similar website and agency price. I wonder how he can charge me and get a similar website with him, only the logo and business name is different. At the same time, I bought an iPhone 5 using my money from the VPN business and I’m really into an app design. I fall in love with the design from Apple. I decide to learn a web development in my free time. Most of my time spending on teamtreehouse to learn web development and start playing with code.

During my studies, I build an e-commerce website for my friend business selling sports jersey. It was a first time I’m building a website that someone except me will use it. I’m playing with WordPress, install a theme, tweak a little bit with CSS and apply Google Analytics. It was fun.

When I’m finishing my Diploma in Actuarial Science, I want to give a shot in freelance. I start promoting my service in various places. After 1months, someone messages me from an agency in Singapore offered me a job, and if he liked it, he would send an upcoming job. This is the first paid job I got from freelance worth RM200. I couldn’t be more thankful for these opportunities. I got several jobs from him and other business/startup that need a website.

Now, I just finish my studies in Degree in Computer Science and do freelance actively. I start training my skills in front-end development. I search a website design that attracted me on Behance or Dribble, and I start to code it. That’s how I train myself.

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